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At Autism Unplugged we recognize all children are different. Therefore, we strive to create exceptional evidence based programming for our students that is individually tailored and goal oriented. We take great care in establishing and maintaining strong working relationships with children and their families, providing ongoing communication and clear progress reports that foster a seamless circle of learning.

Our ABA programs can also provide support from challenging behaviours, anxiety, toilet training, haircuts, trips to the dentist and other areas or events that prove difficult or upsetting for your child.  The goal of treatment is to ensure that skills transfer into everyday life - your home, school and community.  

Ready, Set, Grow! ABA Preschool


Our School Readiness Program was created for children aged 2 – 6 who would benefit from developing their school readiness skills.

Goals of the School Readiness Program:

  • To expose children to a small peer group where they can increase vocabulary, social communication, and play skills

  • For children to practice sharing, turn taking, following teachers’ instructions, social communication with other developing peers

  • To give children more opportunities to be successful through the use of visuals and reinforcement systems


Key Elements of the School Readiness Program:​

  • Interactive circle time

  • Activities to develop independence

  • Group co-operative gross motor opportunities

  • Lunch and outside time with peers

  • Integration to practice social skills

  • Sharing, turn-taking games

  • Toy play – extending time on task, sharing, etc.

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