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Private School Option


Autism Unplugged Learning Centre is partnered with Pathways Centre for Education Private School. The school is located in the same building adjacent to Autism Unplugged Learning Centre, which allows for a seamless transition to access clinical services throughout the school day. With pricing comparable to Montessori school, Pathways Centre for Education provides an option for familes to allow their child to thrive at school while still accessing both ABA services and the Ontario school curriculum. 

The Ontario Ministry of Education provides a curricular guide that serves as a base line for planning at Pathways. While there are some intellectual developmental realities that limit how far and how fast students can be challenged, Pathway's history with Autism Unplugged Learning Centre's education programming has consistently exceeded those expectations set out by the Province.


Pathways Centre for Education was founded on the premise that we can do better. Every child should be provided the opportunity for a strong educational foundation; to thrive and learn to their greatest potential in the way that they learn. Not all children will have the same path or learn in the same way. However, it is our goal to exceed the Provincial expectations and set a standard for all children to live their lives to their full potential. 

Visit Pathways Centre for Education here.

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