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Autism Unplugged Learning Centre offers eligible services under the Ontario Autism Program / AccessOAP

All programs at Autism Unplugged Learning Centre are individualized and evidence based. As a private treatment centre, we can work with your child to achieve their goals with funding from the Ontario Autism Program. 

Evidence-based behavioural services covered under the current Ontario Autism Program include:

  • a behavioural assessment of your child’s strengths and needs to help inform your child’s treatment plan, set goals and identify strategies to help your child

  • evidence-based behavioural services, including services based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis

  • a consultation with primary caregivers or other relevant professionals to help your child or youth transition to school and connect with adult services and supports 

  • curriculum-based interventions with standardized practice manuals based on the science of learning and principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (for example, Naturalistic Developmental Behavioual Interventions)

  • life skills and social skills training programs that can help to promote social interactions and communication with others, support independence and help your child follow social rules

  • parent and caregiver coaching and training to learn behaviour strategies to use with your child. For example autism-specific training, online training on behavioural strategies and fees for a college diploma in autism or behavioural sciences 

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