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You Grow Girl Social Learning Group
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Recently, yoga has become a topic of interest as an intervention and supplemental support for children with ASD.  There are limited studies on yoga and the effects on children with autism, however, the studies that have been done suggest that yoga can be of significant benefit to children with ASD.


In addition to benefits typically associated with yoga such as increased strength, balance, coordination and flexibility, benefits such as increased social-emotional skills, language and communication, body awareness, self-regulation, focus and concentration and a reduction in anxiety, impulsive, obsessive, aggressive and self-stimulatory behaviors have also been recognized. 

Cooking can be great fun to do with your kids. It’s a terrific way to teach some independence and give your child some control over their diet. It also helps address

1. Sensory Challenges
2. Fine and Gross Motor Issues
3. Following Directions
4. Food Aversions


For those of us with children on the spectrum, cooking can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Cooking and Sharing a Meal is also a Great Way to Develop Social Skills. Exploration in our Culinary Kitchen is coming soon. Click here for more.

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